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About Us


Inspiring healthy communities and family wellness, because we believe there’s nothing more valuable in this world than relationships.



Our family and local small community played match maker to get us together, and we are so thankful for it!! 

Travis and I grew up on cattle ranches. From a young age we both had a very strong passion for agriculture. We met and were married shortly thereafter, then started dreaming of a way we could be involved in the cattle industry for ourselves and for our future children.

It is VERY important to DREAM!! It was not long and we were living our dream and frequently having to pinch each other!! We started with what we could afford, which was a very small herd, then as time passed we reinvested our sales back into the cattle company. Our herd started to grow. We chose to purchase cattle from local producers and other producers that we knew in the state. We love finding local producers and purchasing their cattle as a way to GIVE BACK! Supporting your local and extended communities is what we are very passionate about! 

Today, our herd consists of angus x cows and we try to use the best quality bulls that we can afford. We believe that hybrid vigor improves the overall quality of the beef, from our pasture to your plate! We try to promote traits that benefit our herd quality and our baby calves! We have always known that someday we wanted to take our beef all the way to the consumer, but it wasn’t until the start of COVID that we really dove in and tried to provide our local community with CLEAN locally grown beef processed with NO ADDED IN DYES OR ADDITIVES.

We believe that our consumer deserves to know where their beef comes from and that it has grown in the SAFEST, CLEANEST, and HAPPIEST environments possible!

We believe that low stress cattle handling is key to keeping our cows and baby calves healthy and growing. Our beef graze in Colorado’s Yampa Valley, high in the mountain meadows and hill sides. Our cows are fortunate to have such STRONG summer grasses that are packed in protein and energy. We believe in doing what is best for our animals along with the land we utilize. We offer grass-fed, GRAIN finished, beef. We, uniquely, pasture raise ALL of our beef! Our grain finished beef live in lush grass, free choice, pastures where they can run play and lay down wherever they like! When it is time for their ration of grain they come happily running for their treat! 

To also insure the quality and integrity of our product we have been able to locally source every step of our process! We locally purchase grain to feed our grain finished cattle, and use small local packers to process our beef! The local processors allow us to dry age for 14 days prior to packaging our product. This allows for a higher quality product that we ship to you!




Travis Snowden

Meet Travis. He is a jack of all trades and has been a huge asset helping get "Snowden Meats" started! To help cash flow, Travis works locally as a full time property manager. Because of his knowledge, Travis oversees our cattle program, diving into the best genetics and methods to use. Travis believes there are huge benefits to having a low-stress cattle handling program. After his work hours and on his day off, Travis stays busy checking the cows and focusing on herd health and raising a great yearling. In Travis’s spare time he is also handy with leather craft and knife making. He is focused on family and being a community builder! Travis has an educational background in agriculture production, economics and plant science. 


Sarajane Snowden

Sarajane spearheaded "Snowden Meats". Sarajane manages the marketing responsibilities and website development, along with, being a mother to their two children. Her favorite time of year is calving season. She absolutely loves working with the newly born baby calves! In all honesty Sarajane is crazy about cows!! She loves the whole process in regards to cattle raising! Sarajane loves to escape to the high mountain pastures with the kids, Katelyn and Wyatt! She loves to check on the cattle and enjoy picnics playing in the mountains. 


Bob Snowden

Meet Travis’s father, Bob Snowden. He helps us care for the cattle in the summer months along with taking on the responsibilities of the meat business. Bob GRAIN finishes our beef and keeps our freezers organized with our product inventory! Bob loves being a grandparent, Bob says grandkids are far more enjoyable than children!!!   


Katelyn and Wyatt Snowden

Travis and Sarajane are blessed with 2 children! They love helping wherever they can. They are very good at writing on the ear tags and caring for any calves that need extra love during calving season! As they grow, it will be fun to learn of their passions and help them chase their dreams! We want to promote our kids to chase ALL of their dreams and pursue ALL passions, no matter what they are!!



Without family none of this would be possible!


Travis and Sarajane are accompanied by their Uncle and Aunt; Mark and Jeannie Logan and their boys and a few great friends we consider family.

Sarajane's mother, "Mima" watches Katelyn for the day while she stays busy in the hay field. 

Katelyn and her favorite calf, grabbing a ride with Uncle Mark on his 4-wheeler. Cousin Jace in the background with his horse. 

Family affair gathering pairs!  

Cousin Jace, showing Wyatt how to run the cattle chute. Wyatt and Jace are best buddies!

Travis's mother, "Mimi", holding Katelyn during a long day of cow work!

Wyatt spending the day in the hay field.
Wyatt feeling "BIG" in the hay field.